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Unleash the Blogs

Blogs are the underestimated hero of business growth. (A bit like Hawkeye. The other Avengers might have fancy suits, gear and powers, but Hawkeye doesn't need any of that. He just turns up and saves the day. But we always think of the other Avengers first. Justice for Hawkeye). Anyway.

Blogs are a time-tested method of client acquisition, audience building and boosting cash flow. Are you using them to their full potential?

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There's a reason the biggest industry players have a solid blog strategy. It's because blogs:

Boost your online visibility and SEO

Engage your audience and keep them coming back

Attract leads, drive sales and increase cash flow 

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Blogonomics: Turning words into profit

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Turn your knowledge into cash-flow.

You know you should be blogging regularly, but the thought of spending hours each week trying to fill a blank page with words makes you want to heave.

Outsource your blog strategy to an expert and enjoy the peace of mind knowing the content on your site is written to attract, engage and convert. It's a one-off investment for collateral that will generate cash flow for a long, long time. 

There's a reason everyone's been telling you to blog consistently:


Showcase your products:

Use blogs to demonstrate your product/service in context. 


Long-term value:

Well-written blog posts have a long shelf life, attracting and engaging customers for years.

Cost-effective marketing:

Blogs don't require a huge budget and can generate long-lasting results.

Welcome to Blogwarts. 
We make magic here.

I'm Claire, a journalist-turned-business whisperer. 

I have a knack for taking complex subjects and turning them into engaging, relationship-building narratives that keep your audience coming back for more. 

From large enterprises to family-owned SMBs, I've worked with a range of businesses across industries including technology, manufacturing, finance, law, property and engineering.

I love meeting new people and learning about their business goals. Schedule a chat and we can go from there.

Starting from $390


  • Bespoke article up to 500 words (the sweet spot for bite-sized reads your customers love)

  • Attention-grabbing title

  • Three rounds of revisions

  • SEO keyword optimisation

  • Credible industry sources attributed

  • Optional extras: Image recommendations and a social post so you can promote on your channels - no brain power required.

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