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Case studies

There's nothing wrong with tooting your own horn, but let someone else do it for a change. Instead of self-promotion, unlock the potential of client advocacy. You're already sitting on a gold mine of lead magnets.

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Case studies are:

A direct pathway to lead generation

A way to maximise profit with work you've already done

Real-world evidence to solidify your credibility

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Case studies don't just tell, they sell.

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Turning client stories into lead magnets 

In a market bursting with products and offerings, trust is currency. A well-scripted case study does more than showcase your offerings – it demonstrates tangible success and whispers into the ears of potential leads, "this could be you."

So case studies build trust ("I get it, Claire"), but they also do much more.

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Case studies are ever-green, meaning they'll offer value as long as you have the same product or service.

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Case studies allow clients to self-qualify. If a situation is similar to their own, they know your product or service is right for them. 


SEO is a key driver of website traffic, and case studies are a great way to inject organic SEO and generate leads.

Pop the cork on your success story.

I'm Claire. I specialise in crafting narratives that amplify the voice of your clients, turning their genuine experiences into compelling tales of your brand's impact. 

I've collaborated with a range of businesses, transforming their client testimonials into powerful case studies that resonate with their audience, reflecting the unique ethos and achievements of each venture.

When you join forces with me, you're not just getting a case study writer; you're teaming up with a partner who understands how to spotlight your brand's prowess, engaging potential clients and transforming their perceptions.

Let's weave case studies that turn prospects into passionate ambassadors for your brand.

Starting from $900


  • An interview with you (or another team member)

  • An interview with your customer via phone or video 

  • An 800 word crafted case study

  • Presented as a Google doc for your marketing team to add their flare (packages available for designed, publish-ready PDFs)

  • Bundled pricing for multiple case studies available on application

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