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White papers: Lead your industry

You want to establish yourself as an industry authority. You're looking for a way to showcase your wealth of experience accumulated over years (or decades) of business. Above all, you want to generate more leads and boost your bottom line.

Sound about right?

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White papers are a proven tool to help you:

Establish yourself as an industry authority

Generate leads from your ideal customers 

Distinguish yourself from competitors

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My white paper process helps you maximise leads, conversions and profit.

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Turn your knowledge into cash-flow.

White papers are a fail-safe method of demonstrating your credibility, authority and expertise while generating leads (and boosting your bottom line). But a white paper should be between 2,500 - 5,000 words, requires structuring, referencing, fact-checking - you just don't have time. 

When you invest in a whitepaper, you're getting much more than just a document.


White papers are a content marketing cornerstone, providing ample material for blogs, social media, and email campaigns.


Attract potential clients and empower sales with valuable collateral to address customer questions and objections.


Help clients understand complex subjects, simplify information, and earn trust with well-researched, valuable insights.

Your white paper guru.

I'm Claire, and I'm not just any copywriter — I specialise in long-form content and taking dense, complex subjects and turning them into engaging money magnets. 

I've helped numerous businesses like yours with bespoke white papers, aligning them with their unique business goals, and delivering results that go beyond expectations.

When you work with me, you're not just getting a white paper writer; you're getting a partner who will leverage the science of white papers to elevate your brand, engage your audience, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Let's craft a white paper that will leave a lasting impact and converts your prospective customers into loyal advocates for your business.

Starting from $3,000


  • A 60-minute strategy session to set your goals, audience, and white paper's purpose.

  • Varied title options for maximum attention.

  • Guidance with research concepts to shape your white paper.

  • In-depth research and a carefully curated bibliography.

  • A 1-hour interview with your internal experts.

  • A professionally crafted white paper with 6 chapters/sections.

  • Expert advice on promoting and repurposing your white paper for maximum impact.

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